The year 2020 has been a challenge in so many ways. For some, it’s even been traumatic. Now that we’re transitioning to a new year, I’m sharing two helpful ways to help you reset your mind and get restarted in the right direction. All you need is 5-10 minutes out of your day to make … Read more

feeling overwhelmed

How many times a day do you find yourself overwhelmed by stress or not operating from a positive perspective? In these uncertain and chaotic times, I know this has been a consistent challenge for me. In this video, you will pick up a strategy that’s helped me break negative thinking loops and shift myself into … Read more

leading through tough times

No question, we are leading our lives in difficult times and facing challenges we’ve never experienced. Leading in the Unknown requires us to believe in ourselves and those we lead even when our foundation of courage has been shaken to its core. Please watch the video above and share.

The Crux to a Better Week We all have those weeks. Everything is smooth sailing, you’re meeting your deadlines, and things are looking good. And then, halfway through the week, something happens that sets you back. Perhaps you got blindsided on a project, or maybe what seemed like a minor problem at the beginning of … Read more

Anchor your actions & get out of your comfort zone

Do you have trouble getting out of your comfort zone? Have you been looking for the right strategy and tools to help you take that next step and overcome fearful, scary moments of your life that you never thought you would be able to overcome? If that’s you, keep reading. It’s time to make a … Read more

how to deal with chaos

Have you ever had to learn how to deal with chaos and distraction in your life? I have, and in frustration I stumbled upon a secret that is true for scaling mountains, basic rock climbing, or just going on a trip: I can only climb one thing at a time and I have to pick … Read more

strategies for success

In this blog, you are going to gain 11 strategies to be successful when you feel weighed down. I’m going to briefly cover my struggle of the past year for me and what helped me be successful despite the issues I was dealing with in 2018. Listen to my video or read through my list … Read more

sleep strategies

This is not about getting more sleep; this is about getting BETTER sleep. More sleep won’t get you more energy if it is not high-quality sleep. I guarantee if you try some of these weird ideas, you will enjoy dramatic sleep results. Watch me talk about these sleep strategies below or scroll down to read. … Read more

Mindset (Noun)- An established set of attitudes or beliefs held by an individual. Mindset. By definition, the word sounds harmless enough, doesn’t it? If you think about it, everyone has their own particular filter or lens they see life’s circumstances through. Our mindset is like this subtle undercurrent, silently shaping the way we pursue our … Read more

importance of anchors

It’s day three of our perilous climb up The Northwest Pillar of the Central Pyramid in the Aksu Valley, Kyrgyzstan. My Russian climbing partners, Dima and Jula, whom I had just met three days prior, and I are sore, tired, and out of provisions. The only thing keeping us going is the hope of reaching … Read more