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New Year Fresh Start – Reboot Your New Years Resolutions Now

New year fresh, start

As you begin the new year, here are the most useful and popular posts to help you reset and get on your way with focus and momentum. New Year’s resolutions are notoriously hard to maintain, and these strategies can help you sustain your success well past the novelty of the new calendar year.

By the way, you don’t have to wait until the first of the year to start anew. You can declare your own “new year reboot” anytime if you want to shift your results badly enough.

This post will help you gain clarity and build your efforts on a stronger foundation. I make time to do this once every year because it works.

3 Of My Best Posts To Help You Start The Year Right

#1 – One Word to Gain Incredible Focus and Make This Your Best Ever


This strategy continues to be one of my most popular Vertical Lessons ever. This is the most essential step to set yourself up for consistent momentum on your most important initiatives.

#2 – Declare Your Current Climb

Whatever you do, don’t skip this Vertical Lesson. If you are human, you’re going to need it! 🙂

It seems that no matter how strong our intentions, sooner or later, you will hit the wall and fall off your route to your next summit. This strategy is the most effective I’ve ever found to help you step up when you get knocked down.

#3 – Master the Art of the Restart


Expecting distractions that can get you off course can help you be ready to drive results year round and not depend on New Years resolutions. I think you’ll find these strategies will give you fresh perspective and renew your energy to get moving on your most important initiatives.

Please let me know what’s working with you and share this post if you found it helpful.

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