Three Core Elements That Create A Transformational Team Experience

Creating a transformational team experience is something I encourage you to do. Way beyond a teambuilding activity, a transformational team experience can create a shift in the commitment and focus of your team. The alignment and momentum can sustain performance improvements well beyond the event. This could be for your professional team at work or in your personal life. You could even create a transformational experience with just one significant person.

There are three core elements that will help you take the experience from just a day away from the desk or your normal chaos and truly elevate the experience to something that could potentially be transformational.

Before we examine the three core elements, let’s address why a transformational team experience would be worth it. I've helped create multiple team experiences with my clients for eight years, and I've also taken part in them by taking my family to meaningful, transformational experiences as well.

I've found that every time when the three core elements are part of the experience, it can really make the difference in whether you're truly focused, whether everyone's on the same page and whether you are building momentum in the same direction. Transformational team experiences can inspire action and accelerate the results you want and need. Truly, it makes all the difference in the world.

3 Core Elements That Create Transformational Team Experiences

#1: The Core Element Of Right Environment

The right environment doesn't have to be expensive or fancy. But I have found that getting people into a place that's beautiful, such as the outdoors with a great view, even if it's wintertime, can really create an environment that helps people focus and get clarity. I have seen really humble cabins in a state park work with a team of leaders.

Sometimes you don’t have the budget to get away or go someplace special. At times people try to do it in a conference room on site. Every time, without fail, it undermines the focus and creates an environment that's just too distracting.  On the other hand, I have seen a wonderful experience created in a comfortable home environment.

#2 The Core Element Of Trust

Trust is needed to transform and take the team to the next level. How can you build trust in the room, whether it's just two of you or 20?

The number one way you can do this is to be vulnerable. Share a struggle in your personal life or your professional life. People are going to follow your lead if you are vulnerable. The best way to get this going is for you to go first in the conversation and be willing to let some of your armor down. Share a challenge that was really troubling for you in the past and how you made it through.

This is deeply inspirational because people want to know that you are human too. And like them, you've struggled. That can be build trust and opens a deeper level of connection between you and the people on your team.

#3: The Core Element Of Inspiration

This third core element that I've seen people leave out unintentionally is to have elements of inspiration. The inspiration should be unique to you, your team and your culture.

What inspires you?

Perhaps it is a video, a guest speaker, or a book. Maybe the inspiration is from specific experiences or stories that you could share from your front lines or from the good work you do for your clients.

This is critical because when you don't have the inspirational piece, people really don't have the momentum emotionally and mentally to actually carry on that momentum when they go back to work. People need to be inspired.

If we just needed information we would have already been fixed by YouTube and Google, right? So be sure and have inspirational elements as part of your experience.

What Has Worked For You?

I would love to hear from you.

First of all, have you been part of or created transformational experiences like this? What was valuable? What helped it be impactful for you?

Or, if you have questions about how to create an experience like this or if you need help, let me know. I would love to support you any way I can. I wish you the best in creating transformational team experiences.

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