Own It To Elevate It! – Build Trust Through Transparency With Your Team And Customers

This past May, I had an amazing experience. My brother invited me to officiate his wedding and as part of that, he offered to buy custom suits for me and my brothers who were groomsman. We went to Joseph A Banks and walked through the entire process of selecting the style, the fabric, getting measured, and so on — altogether a great experience.

The wedding timeline was tight but everything was going well until I went for my fitting and my pants wouldn't fit! At first, I thought I had gained weight during the pandemic but it was something else after all.

In my video, I talk about this rather funny experience that taught me how important it was to build a culture within your organization that allows your employees to call themselves out, own their mistakes, and have a chance to fix it. Not only do customers get a great customer experience, it builds a great customer experience that potentially builds a relationship for life.

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