Create Your Culture: I’m Glad You Came To Work Today

In one of my last flights home after a keynote before the pandemic broke out, I happened to sit beside a retired marine veteran, Chuck Johnson.

“I’m glad you came to work today!”, he told Jennifer, our flight attendant. I noticed how these 7 simple words amplified her joy which in turn elevated the customer experience she was creating for the rest of the day. I share my experience in this short 4 minute video and talk about how acknowledging someone with authentic language can help lift them up.


It's mind-blowing how every single conversation is an opportunity to lift somebody up and cheer them up in these difficult times. It could be your employee, your colleague, your boss, a family member, or the cashier at your local grocery store. And all you need are simple and intentional words as simple as, “I’m glad you came to work today!” to have them feel like they just had their batteries recharged.

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