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Never miss a television appearance or interview where Manley shares strategies to help you reach your next summit.

Author Manley Feinberg Talks Reaching Your Next Summit on FOX 2 – 9 On Your Side at Noon

Story Angles / Topics Based on Manley's book Reaching Your Next Summit: 9 Vertical Lessons for Leading with Impact

Manley can discuss the strategies to help you Embrace Exposure and Accelerate Results in your professional and personal life.

These include how to:

  • Deepen you and your employees commitment
  • GainClarity in the Chaosto get what’s important done everyday
  • Build business momentum in a volatile economic environment
  • Embrace a Leadership Mindset regardless of your roll or responsibility
  • Ask the Essential Questions great leaders ask to realize next level performance
  • Build teams withIncredible Partners Only
  • Develop the relationships you need to succeed with intention and consistency
  • Building a work culture that drives world class performance

Story Angles / Topics Based on Manley’s Reaching Your Next Summit – Momentum Planner and Journal

Manley can discuss the concept of Vertical Momentum, and 12 essential tools you can use to get more of what’s important done, and constantly scale your results every day.

These include:

  • 4 Essential Mindsets Vertical Peak Performers leverage to reach more of their potential
  • Discover the one area that you must micro-manage if you want to achieve big-time breakthroughs
  • Develop a daily process to keep you laser focused and moving forward towards your key initiatives
  • Cultivate 5 Strategies to Sustain Momentum in every aspect of your life
  • What companies can do to improve the productivity of their employees
  • Avoid burnout and turnover after periods of high intensity or challenges

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