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An Essential Tool to Building Momentum and Accelerating Results

Which of these two scenarios describe you?

Are you feeling what I call emotional gravity? That is the scenario when life is just weighing you down. Maybe things aren’t going your way or you just don’t feel like you have your mojo. Perhaps you’re not as productive as you once were, or you’re not as engaged.

Another scenario is quite the opposite. This is when you’ve got the momentum going and you realize, “Wow. Things are rockin’. I want to keep this going. I want to amplify it, so I can get more of what I want in my life.”

With either scenario, this simple three-step framework will help you build momentum or amplify momentum. Watch my video below and then read my notes for more clarity.

Step 1: Retroactively look back, review and reflect.

I encourage you to first do a retro review of the previous 12-month period and recall what you achieved. These are those summit moments in your life to celebrate.

Now, a great misconception that most people believe is, “Well, I had nothing really big happen. I didn’t have a baby, or publish a book, or get promoted, or win the lottery, or get married.”

It doesn’t have to be a big summit. It can be something very small. Sit down, take a piece of paper, and make two columns. On the left side write the date, if you can remember about when it happened. Maybe you don’t know the exact date. That’s fine. About when it happened is ok.

Then write a quick sentence of what the summit was. Try to get at least 20 on your list. Maybe you had a vacation that you pulled it off. Perhaps you went to see a movie, or a play, or heard a band you’ve always wanted to hear. It can be anything, like attending three soccer games in a row with your kids. Those little things can be as important as the big ones.

After you retroactively capture the summits, both big and small, from a previous 12-month period, then reflect on them and review them, This will help lift you up and give you some wind in the sails to build more momentum.

Step 2: Reflect and Record in Real time.

Going forward, I guarantee that doing this in real time is going to make a difference for you. Get in the habit of this simple step of recording or journaling that day’s summit moment at the end of the day. I have this in my new journal planning tool, and it helps me capture these on the fly. Just record something good that happened that’s worth celebrating, even just with yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to throw a party. Acknowledge that you made some progress.


Especially in the culture of the world today, where we’re so driven by performance, I think the dark side of that is sometimes we don’t really acknowledge and celebrate those little moments. Why is this worth it? It builds emotional momentum, which is really all momentum is. It’s a feeling of forward motion and that things are going your way.

So, if you’ll do it on the fly, in real time, in simple format–date on the left side and the summit on the right side—you will have a powerful momentum tool.

Step 3: Review your list regularly.

Break out your summit list when you’re feeling the funk. Or look at the list when you’re feeling momentum and you want to amplify it.

reviewing goals

Use that list when you are feeling funky because emotional gravity has got a hold on you. It could be any day of the week. Mondays for me are particularly difficult and mornings are difficult, in general.

Or maybe you’ve got momentum going. So, when you’re still building momentum, regularly review the summit list and it’s going to amplify the momentum you feel and help you build more momentum. Building more momentum is not just about getting more done. This is about more quality, productive efforts and quality time with the people you care about and the people you serve in your life. That’s real momentum.

Here is a request. I want to encourage you to share a summit that you’re celebrating below in the comments or even, better yet, share this on social media along with a summit that you’re celebrating.

Here is a closing question. What techniques work for you to get out of a funk or to keep the mojo going? Please share what some of your summits have been in the comments.

5 Responses to An Essential Tool to Building Momentum and Accelerating Results

  1. I saw you in Atlanta 2016, it was a gov’t technology conf. Really was inspired by your words but didn’t get a chance to tell you. Thanks Manley, you’re great at what you do..

    • Hey Peter! You have no idea how much your comment means to me today. It’s exactly what I needed to put a little wind in my sails.
      I’m grateful that my efforts have helped you in anyway Peter! 🙂

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