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3 Moments to Create Laser Focus and Rock Your Day

Do you ever have a day when you get home and you say to yourself, “Man this day rocked. I really had a good day. I got all of these things done I wanted to do and I had some meaningful interactions.”

Let’s call that Scenario A.

Or, do you ever have the opposite happen?

Scenario B is when you we get home and you’re just wiped out from the day. “This day sucked. I’m frustrated because I had a lot of things I needed to accomplish, but the day got sideways on me.” Somehow you got swept away in the chaos that we just all have to deal with day to day.

This blog is about how you can have more of Scenario A. I want you to be able to walk in your home at the end of the day more fulfilled than frustrated and with more left over for those who love and need you most.

To accomplish that by make sure that you have three strategic moments in your day that will absolutely help you learn to focus better, get more done, and help you feel better about what’s going on. This will help you be more productive and serve those that you connect with every single day.

Watch my video below or continue reading as I tell you what these three strategic moments in your day should be.

Let’s get started.

I strongly recommend handwriting out your strategic plan for the day. In my opinion, the most effective tool for strategically planning your day and getting clarity is actually a handwritten planner or journal.

The first strategic moment of the day is about CLARITY. The second strategic moment is about MOMENTUM. The third strategic moment is about REFLECTION.

Let’s examine all three:



Take that daily strategic moment for clarity by attach that to an existing routine that you already do. Maybe you get coffee or water when you get to work, or maybe you have a morning exercise routine. When you carve out that moment, get some clarity on exactly what it is you want to accomplish for the day that’s most important for you.



I invite you to be very consistent on the strategic momentum moment. I call this the momentum check in.

Sometime in the midday ask yourself, “Am I on track to win this day? Or am I sideways?”  This obviously could be anchored to lunch or any kind of break you have somewhere in the middle of the day.



The third and last strategic moment of the day is a time for reflection. That is the key focus of the evening, to reflect on everything you did. Now this could be at the end of your work day or perhaps at the end of your complete day before you go to sleep. Both have advantages, but the point is to take time to reflect.

Putting the Three Moments into Action

Here is a quick tactical debriefing process that I use. Ask yourself two simple questions.

Number one, what did I like best about today? Be very specific about the language you use. Don’t beat yourself up and just gloss over all the things you accomplished. Truly look at what you liked best about the day and what summits you’re willing to celebrate today. Whether it’s little stuff or big stuff, write those down.

Number two, what I would have done differently? Another way to phrase that is to ask yourself what lesson I learned today. Focus on improving and if you do this consistently, you will elevate your results and be less frustrated with all of the things you’re trying to accomplish in your life.

4 Responses to 3 Moments to Create Laser Focus and Rock Your Day

  1. This was great. My days have a habit of going sideways and your video just gave me a tool to view my day with a different lens. Clarity, momentum and reflection will now be a priority for me. As it happens I am handwritten list practitioner and I feel a sense of accomplishment when I check things off. When I schedule everything into the day at different time slots it can throw me when I don’t get the tasks all done. Checking in and using the momentum focus is a good tool to use here and then rescheduling those tasks is helpful. In terms of refection consulting my to do list and reviewing what still needs to be done is no longer a list of failures. Thank you!

    • Thank you Elaine! I hear you and appreciate your comment. You’ve inspired me to do a Mid-day check in and restart right now. 🙂

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