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“I am the organizer for TEDx Gateway Arch in St Louis, Missouri. We were lucky enough to have Manley speak at our event on August 30th. I can’t really say anything other than AMAZING! Manley really wowed and entertained our crowd for a solid 20 minutes and everyone wanted more. We will definitely have Manley speak at future events.

tyler thomas

Tyler Thomas
Co-Founder & Operations Manager,

Best keynote speaker I’ve ever heard!”

tom moen

Tom Moen
Solutions Specialist, Microsoft

Manley was a huge hit at our Digital Government Summits – more than 30 of them in 2016 alone. He energized our audiences and got everyone thinking outside their normal boxes and comfort zones – exactly what we want in a keynote speaker. Manley is not only a true professional in every sense of the word but he’s also the nicest person we’ve ever met. It’s impossible to work with Manley and not become fast friends. We can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Jack Mortimer
Vice President – Events at e.Republic

“Manley is the kind of speaker every business leader needs on their team.
As a sales VP, I’ve seen it all, but Manley’s work stands out for 3 reasons:
1 – He delivers fresh, relevant and actionable ideas your team can use immediately.
2 – He really drives personal accountability in a way that results in each team member stepping up with a bigger commitment.
3 – Most importantly, months later, the results of his work continue to grow and make a difference in the bottom line.”


Mark Aubuchon
Vice President of Sales at Royal Papers Inc.

Manley inspired and connected to our June 2015 audience of Energizer global leaders. The preparation by Manley to learn about our company in order to customize his message made a huge difference. I would highly recommend Manley as an inspirational speaker for leadership events. Thank you for helping Energizer to reach the summit of a successful spin-off from Edgewell!

Sue Drath

Sue Drath
VP, Global Rewards at Energizer

Manley has a great presence and way of connecting with his audience when he speaks.  He is committed to serving the audience to ensure they take value from his talk.  The personal stories and Vertical Lessons he’s learned from climbing can be applied to any business or personal endeavor.  I highly recommend him as a speaker.”

helen jardine

Helen Jardine, Chief Development Officer,
Northwestern Mutual – St. Louis

“Manley inspired and equipped our sales and marketing teams to achieve breakthrough Q3 / Q4 results. His message and content were customized and relevant so that it inspired my team to put it into action. His content is based on real results he’s achieved in business – not theory.
We enjoyed him so much, that we immediately re-hired him to work with more of our teams across the whole company.

Jim Norton

Jim Norton
EVP, Sales & Marketing at Bomgar

I was extremely motivated and fired up after hearing Manley speak. His storytelling is so effortless but is able to deeply move you. He is amazing at getting the crowd involved and invested in his lessons and adventures. His seven lessons are a great base for any audience and those with aspirational dreams will be ready to go out and complete some goals upon leaving the room. His ability to weave the story and the lessons together is so strong. I wanted more and it is easy to see how he would make a great keynote or spend a few days working with your staff or management team. Get him now while you still can.”

David Finlayson

David Finlayson
Business Builder, Smart Energy & Invest Atlantic

“…Over the years, I have been to numerous events and saw Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Dan Kennedy, Brian Tracy, and probably 50 more top names in the speaking industry. I can honestly say Manley can now be included in the same rank with those top pros. He blew me away with his honesty and compelling stories of overcoming both personal and business obstacles. If you are in need of someone who can energize and empower your next event, I highly recommend Manley. You won’t be disappointed.”

Derek D'Angiolini

Derek D’Angiolini
Author of Bunker 5

“Many times in life you will have opportunity to hear motivational speakers who are able to give you a better perspective on some aspect of work, life, or family. A limited few will be able to take you beyond understanding to practical application. Manley Feinberg’s inspirational Vertical Lessons ranks up at the top.

I can testify to his ability to motivate and bring life, hope, and reason to both young and seasoned executives alike. You are a better person and organization once you have encountered time with Him.
Fear can suck the life out of people, departments, and organizations. Manley can help harness fear so that it brings LIFE personally and organizationally.”

Daryl Pint

Daryl Pint
CEO Ceva Biomune

“Manley was the keynote speaker at our recent company State of the Union gathering with all employees. He was awesome. Manley captured everyone’s attention, wowed them with stories of the difficulties of rock climbing and inspired them with application of lessons learned from climbing to the difficulties of real life. I would highly recommend him as a speaker for your organizational events.

Gene M. Diederich

Gene M. Diederich, CPA, CFP®
CEO at Moneta Group

We recently asked Manley to bring his Vertical Lessons to my company. We combined his motivational speaking skills and corporate coaching lessons to help focus my teams attention to reach our distant and lofty annual goals. Manley incorporates motivational presentations, individual coaching, along with a team climbing experience to help accentuate the importance of building trust amongst teammates while reaching for new personal bests.

Although we are only 2/3 complete on our custom program the results have been impressive. My team’s national rank has risen from #106 to #78 out of more than 18,000 independent agencies in just a few short months. My overall production from my team has also risen about 32%.
If you are looking for a coaching partner I would highly recommend speaking with Manley Feinberg.

Bradford O’Neil

Bradford O’Neil
Principal at Bradford O’Neil – State Farm Agency, LLC.

“…I wanted to thank you for an inspiring, energizing, and rocking keynote last week! The feedback has been extremely positive and everyone appreciated the time you took to customize your message for service professionals, especially acknowledging specific people in the audience….”

Jessie Coffey

Jessie Coffey
Enterprise Account Executive, Microsoft

Manley was one of, if not the best, speakers I’ve heard at any conference.
This was one of the best Keynote Speakers I’ve listened to at a Conference/Summit, very good message and had fun with it, kept me entertained and alert.”
Perfect speaker. I cannot imagine a speaker who could encourage and motivate more than Mr. Feinberg. Beyond excellent!

eRepublic 2016 Leadership Conference Attendees

“Hand on heart I would have to say I have met very few people in my life that have inspired me as much as Manley. He is a true leader in his field and whenever I attend one of his sessions I always feel that he has a personal mission to make my life better.

I would urge anyone who is serious about improving their own perspectives and approach to life, their teams or company to engage with Manley. His sessions are the most engaging and fun you will ever have, who else brings a guitar, climbing rope and carabineers as aids to their presentation?!

Every customer and colleague I know who has been lucky enough to spend time with Manley has nothing but great things to say, when people leave his presentations they have a smile on their face and a determined look in their eyes!

Manley joined us at our EMEA conference this year and was by far the most highly rated speaker, I think one of the things we all appreciated so much is that after his sessions he stayed on to chat to people over coffee and lunch so that they could get to know him and learn even more, it’s so rare to see someone give so much and just be so happy doing it.

Life is about lessons and how we deal with challenges, Manley’s Vertical Lessons equip you to face these challenges head on and make sure you succeed at whatever field or industry you are in.

John Noctor

John Noctor
Director Customer Success, Cherwell Software Limited

“Manley is an inspirational leader and speaker that will leave your audience believing that they can accomplish anything including climbing a mountain!  He utilizes his real world adventures as metaphors to solve a broad array of challenges in the workplace.”

Dean Cherry

Dean E. Cherry
Group President, Cenveo, Inc

“I attended the recent ITSMf Fusion Conference and was fortunate enough to attend 2 of Manley’s tracks. I consider his sessions as transforming and life-changing based on the impact it’s had on my personal and professional life and based on how it has propelled my leadership ability in such a short time. It was truly refreshing and an approach that totally captivated me.”

Mario Davis

Mario Davis
Senior Manager, Charles Schwab

… “I’ve never worked with a speaker quite like Manley before. He spent a significant amount of time talking with us about what we were looking for and provided examples of what he could deliver. He LISTENED! He also made a video commercial for us to promote our event! All of this was above and beyond our expectations.

His presentation was impactful and relevant for all of us.

I have heard nothing but positive things from everyone who attended.
Having worked with a number of speakers for our events over the years,
I can safely say that Manley is hands down the best in the business!”

Beth Jacobsen

Beth Jacobsen
Support Administrator, Infinite Campus

“Manley is one of the most charismatic and inspirational speakers I have had the privilege to experience. His content was highly relevant and focused on the individual, as well leading and developing teams. It was truly inspiring and helps you to see the art of the possible if you have the will, commitment and belief.”

Tony Probert

Tony Probert
Managing Director, Cherwell Software Limited

“This is the most useful session that I have attended at the conference. I am leaving with practical things to do.”

“This session should be a must attend for all. Great!”
“Excellent! Best session all week for me! Should be a pre-session!”
“Awesome session!”
“Really engaging. Great ideas, take aways- most helpful breakout I attended.


HDI 2012 Conference attendees

“Vertical Lessons Impactful Leadership and Training Approach is “Mind-Numbing”. Within my organizations: TheDrillBook, Global Sport Academy Group, Maloney Global Group & Hale Global Capital we strive to avoid “Sameness” and push to become “Curve Jumpers”.  Manley has caught the imagination of our people and empowered them to take ownership of their roles and contributions. ‘The Impossible has become the Inevitable.'”


Mark Maloney
CEO Maloney Global Group, Founder and CEO of

“I first heard Manley speak at our Electrical Manager Seminars at my Company’s headquarters in Eau Claire, Wi. That was my fourth year attending and Manley was by far the most engaging, informative, and entertaining speaker I have had the privilege of attending.

The way he uses his experiences as a rock climber to present leadership methodologies and retail strategy was amazing. The best thing about his presentation was that I was given real world practical advice that I could directly apply to my job rather than some abstract ideas that look good on a whiteboard, but hold no real value in business.

I hope I get to see his presentations in the future.”

Shawn Niemann

Shawn Niemann
Department Manager, Green Bay, WI.

“If you are in search of dynamic speaker specializing in retail sales, you can do no better than Manley Feinberg. Our firm recently secured Manley for a series of 50 presentations on behalf of a successful retailer in the Midwest, and they could not have been more pleased with his performance. The Operations and Training personnel with whom we work have exceedingly high standards and expectations and I heard nothing but glowing, satisfied and positive feedback from them about Manley. In fact, they have already inquired about bringing him back for future workshops!

The content of Manley’s programs was entirely customized to the organization. He went to great lengths to thoroughly understand and represent the company’s culture, mission and climate and was able to deliver constructive and applicable information to the audiences. Complimenting his professional approach, Manley is genuinely a joy to work with and exudes energy, positivity and composure.

I would recommend Manley to any organization and am ultimately confident that his guidance can improve any team’s sales and communication capabilities. He has the very rare ability to keep his audience engaged, regardless of the subject matter. His delivery is nuanced, relatable and packed with interesting narratives and examples.

I look forward to working with Manley for years to come. And to hearing many, many more praises from my clients about his outstanding work.

With Sincerity,”

Nicole St.Pierre

Nicole St.Pierre
Corporate Communications Director, PSMVP Entertainment & Promotions

“Having just finished a leg in the 2014/2015 Menard Seminars, I really feel a very sincere Thank You is well deserved for you. You did one heck of a super good job leaving many informed managers you worked with very enlightened.
A Big Thank You!!!

larry menard photo

Larry Menard
Menard, Inc.

Every now and again you meet a professional speaker who leaves a lasting impression of passion, commitment, and creative expression that makes you want to do everything better. Manley is one of those individuals.   He takes a “create a new box” – not think outside the box – approach to his work.

For the event planner, he’s a breath of fresh air – easy to work with, conscientious about the details, and always among the top speakers on the customer ratings list, where it really counts.   It’s my pleasure to recommend Manley.”


Cinda Daly
Director of Content, HDI

“Your Vertical Lessons connected specifically with me for many reasons, but most of all because I felt you were able to articulate things that I try to get across while coaching youth sports, such as Showing Up and Stepping UP, motivating others through your Courage, being Accountable, etc. That really hit home for me.

On a professional level, I found your message so refreshing, because it encouraged everyone to get outside of their comfort zones and really actively try to grow.

This was the best speech and most engaging presentation I’ve heard at any conference. Thank you!”

adrian huber

Adrian Huber
Pennsylvania Department of Education

Manley Feinberg has a true gift that reaches people and makes them want to be better. He is able to convey his message in a powerful way because he is real, unpretentious and interesting. A very engaging person who loves people and who has walked the walk in his private life as well as his professional life.

Manley’s determination and positive outlook along with the ability to motivate others make him a welcomed guest anytime. We have never been disappointed when we have asked Manley to speak and would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Kerry Sims

Kerry B.Sims
Kentucky State Police Commander – Capt.retired

“It is safe to say Manley left a lasting impression on every service desk professional in the room. His passion, positivity, and real-world adventures motivated me to examine the kind of impression I want to leave on those I interact with both personally and professionally. One of the questions I asked myself during his presentation was, ‘How many people do I look at but actually never see?’

He really reminds people to stay focused on what matters in both the work place and our personal lives: it is PEOPLE.

Vance Brown

Vance Brown
CEO and Co Founder, Cherwell Software LLC.

“Our company had a great experience with Manley. His session quickly brought in participation and interactive participation. We focused on a number of issues and all were addressed. Manley’s style brings a comfort level where people open up much more then other speaker I have experienced. We are in process of scheduling additional sessions.


Thomas Mohl
President of Wiseconnect

“I recently had the opportunity to experience one of Manley’s presentations at a conference and I was truly moved. He started with a touching story – extremely well done – however I was most impressed when he proceeded to explain the presentation. His energetic yet clear and succinct description of the fundamentals of storytelling was the highlight of the two-day conference. He has provided me with a clear outline of how to improve my business.”

Josiah Dean

Josiah Dean, MBA
Owner and Principle Management Consultant, Abundance Marketing and Design

Repeat engagements are a great indicator of success. Manley has spoken already to several groups at our Company and he relates well to all levels of the organization. His inspirational messages of teamwork through rock climbing examples provide a fun and thoughtful atmosphere that has a lasting impact with his audience long after he is finished. In addition, employees left with concrete ideas they could implement immediately that would make a difference in their work life. I would highly recommend that you consider Manley for your next corporate event.

Greg Furstner

Greg Furstner
Director Human Resources, CEVA Biomune

“I hired Manley to assist me with a workshop I was presenting for college basketball coaches’ spouses at the Final Four Basketball Tournament in Atlanta this year. The pressure was on and Manley made the prep a breeze. He was there to meet with me either in person or by phone as I needed. He helped me prepare the workshop one piece at a time so it did not feel overwhelming. Manley provided a wealth of resources, ideas, and guidance that resulted in the best presentation I have ever given. His calm demeanor, inspiring guidance, and constant encouragement made working together an absolute pleasure. Not only have I found a mentor, coach, and teacher, but also a friend for life. Thank you Manley!”

Connie Whitesell

Connie Whitesell
Owner and Consultant, PW Associates Inc.

“First impressions are everlasting. I recall the immediate calm with warmth in my heart the first time I met Manley. An overwhelming presence of peace and good intentions to meliorate the world encompass his soul. There’s no obstacle too large, no timeline too tight, no being too inconsequential. Listen to his story and watch the world through his eyes – he will change you. He changed me.

Jennifer Vogel

Jennifer Vogel
Vice President – Digital Marketing Resources – Program Development and Launch
NSI Marketing Services

“Manley Feinberg II, with Vertical Lessons came out to Upper Limits Rock Gym for our member’s only event. His stories were incredibly inspiring and he really kept the audience engaged. We are looking forward to having Manley speak again at our next big event. I would highly recommend Vertical Lessons if you’re looking for a fun, motivational speaker who really connects with a crowd!”

upper limits logo

Shelly Pupillo
Program Manager – Upper Limits Inc.

“I’ve worked with many speakers over the years but especially appreciate the talents Manley brings to the platform. He uses his own adventures as metaphors for important tenets on leadership, teams and creating a workforce that wants to come together and work. This is not an easy task! His take on his topic is different, engaging and practical. If you are looking for a high content, high energy presentation check out Manley!”

Lois Creamer

Lois Creamer
Founder and Owner Book More Business Consulting

“Manley is able to share his love of the outdoors, Information Technology and speaking and wrap them up in a very professional manner. He has worked with the best of the best to hone his skills and is an expert in his field. Manley is a wonderful storyteller and a World Class Speaking Coach. He can easily motivate and coach his clients to achieve their professional goals.”

Kim Myers

Kim Myers
Co-founder, Your Legacy Speaks, LLC

“Manley is always professional, positive and enthusiastic. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak and was in awe of his natural talent to keep an audience engaged, interested and entertained.

I hope to hear him speak again soon!”

Casey Kleekamp

Casey Kleekamp
Manager, National Marketing, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc

“A negative attitude is usually the biggest obstacle to success.  Manley Feinberg helps people understand this through keen insight from his personal experience.  His inspirational approach helps you improve your outlook and overcome the negativity that is often present in the modern day workplace.  Manley also helps you see what’s really important so you can focus your energy and get positive results.”

Jorge Riopedre

Jorge Riopedre
Executive Director Casa De Salud Health, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro St. Louis

“Manley, as a professional speaker, will not only motivate you but also inspire you to excel. Manley has a great insight in Art of communication that will help you learn how to get your message across. Along with his enthusiasm and passion, Manley has an unique way of analyzing your presentation that will definitely improve your communicating skills. I have found Manley going out his way to encourage and assist to make a positive change.”

HK Patel

HK Patel
Director of Production, Thalden•Boyd•Emery ARCHITECTS

“Manley is the valuable combination of human and technical skill. His sincerity and keen human insight lead him to great listening and presenting skills. He is a born leader with technical prowess and an ability to execute on complex projects. One look into Manley’s eyes and you know he gets it and will get it done – with humor and humility.”

Dave Hinkle

Dave Hinkle
Corporate Vice President

“I just had the experience to set through one of Manley’s presentations at the Illinois Digital Summit in October 2016. I have been to a lot of conferences, summits and IT shows everywhere, but it isn’t too many times you have a speaker that leaves a lasting impression on you like he did. Manley’s use of his experiences growing up and become what he is today, the use of rock climbing and how to demonstrate it to IT and Verticals was amazing. I would highly recommend him for any event that you would like a great speaker and someone who will leave that lasting impression on you. He is excellent!

Kory Chapman

Kory Chapman
Information Services Specialist at Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology

“From the first time I met Manley over 10 years ago I was inspired by the way he lived his life.  Whether he is scaling a mountain, playing music, leading in business, or being a terrific father and husband, he demonstrates for all of us that our lives are here to be explored and lived fully.”

Brian Vent

Brian Vent
Former CEO, Waterworks Inc
Former COO, Build a Bear Workshop

“Manley came to us with a very creative proposal that brought to life the principles he teaches in his consulting work–teamwork, solidarity, trust, getting out of your comfort zone. Manley gave us real-world training and got us all out of our comfort zones (one of his core teachings).

Manley put as much effort into his preparation as he did his delivery. My entire team raved about Manley’s training and asked that we do more hands-on learning just like Manley put together for us.

Manley’s teaching is simple, creative and easily remembered and applied. I’d highly recommend Manley to anyone looking to build a stronger team.”

Gary Baxter

Gary Baxter
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ceva Animal Health

Our members loved Manley’s presentation! Along with excellent ratings, we saw evaluation comments such as, Great! Awesome! Loved his presentation. Excellent presentation.
Not only did Manley deliver excellent content in a most engaging fashion, he was also a pleasure to work with from planning to completion.

Loraine Koepenick

Loraine Koepenick
Coordinator of Member Services at INPACT Americas

“Manley is a thought-provoking and inspirational speaker! His stories will keep you tuned in to what he is saying and then by surprise he ties the story back to the professional and leadership side that matter so much in your career.”

Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson
Vice President, Services at Netelligent Corporation

“Having the opportunity to hear Manley speak was very refreshing. His perspectives for personal and professional life are not your traditional “think outside the box”-type of conversation. He makes you throw away the entire box and build a different one using different materials and even a different approach.
I highly recommend Manley as a leader and inspirational speaker.”

Abel Cruz

Abel Cruz
Technology Strategist, Microsoft

Request for direct references are welcome and encouraged! I am happy to introduce you to any of the clients quoted above, and a long list of other business leaders and event organizers for additional insight into my work.

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