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10 Responses to 1 Mindset and 3 Steps to Build Momentum and Get What’s Important Done in Your Life – Vertical Lessons

    • Me too Francisco- missed it today, but did get almost 5000 steps in. I guess I better do some push ups or something before hitting the rack- feeling like a slacker! 🙂

  1. Hi Manley,

    I’m a Certified Speech Coach and heard you present at our first Summit in AZ. Impressive presentation.

    I need to “get on it” re making money. I don’t feel ready, so I appreciated the tip of “starting before you’re ready.”

    A thought…difficult to believe you have a hard time exercising since you rock climb on a regular basis. I’d think you’d have to be in shape to climb. You may want to use another analogy that sounds more plausible.

    Though, as Alan Weiss says, “I can’t argue with success!”

    Congratulations on your good work!

    • Thanks Susan! So good to hear from you!
      Yes, it’s true- I really don’t like to “exercise”. Do fun things that happen to be health? I’m all in-
      So, recently I took up tennis after a 32 year hiatus 🙂 …because it is fun. For me, that is key, an activity that is fun, and especially if I can do it with people I love and want to be around, I’m all in. So, happy to report about 2 sessions on the court with my son, and one with my wife Sunday.
      I hear you on the making money and ready too- let’s connect soon…. I’ve been there and revisit that fear often too.
      Belay On,

  2. Hi Manley–I really enjoyed your video! I especially liked the concept of “expecting to fall” and “when I fall, what do I do next”. You are right–that is a great mindset shift. I also really liked rule 3, “Restart before you are ready”—so true! We tell children to “get back on the bike” when they fall down while they are trying to learn to ride–but as adults we typically don’t follow that same advice as we live our lives. Good stuff!

    • Thanks Don!
      Great real life metaphor re: the bike and kids too-
      So enjoyed your book Don. Keep up the good work!
      On Belay,

  3. Definitely need to restart my fitness routine, after coming home from vacation. I’ve been home for about two weeks, and after eating too much and indulging in a lot of sugary sweets, it’s time to get back on the horse. I am glad I ran into this video. Thanks for encouraging me to get back on track. TODAY!

    • Hi Janna!
      Thanks for sharing your Restart! How’s it going?
      I’ve had to Restart on my journal and exercise routine at least another 5 times since I posted this video.
      Restart and Summit-
      Belay On Janna,

  4. Finally watched this video and boy was the timing right. I need to restart my weight loss program – going to Europe in May and want to feel healthy and ready to walk, hike, bike, or whatever! I’ve got 10 weeks and I just want to track what I eat and shoot to stay within my points target on Weight Watchers. Thanks for this video, for your friendship, and for the inspiration!

    • Thanks Tamara! For me too, eating right and exercise are the areas I fall the most, and have found great value in the “Restart Mindset”.
      Can’t wait to hear about your trip to Europe! Thank you for your friendship and support Tamara!

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