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Manley Feinberg has developed a reputation as one of the most inspiring, content-rich, and memorable motivational speakers working today. His energy, humor, and personal momentum have helped thousands of people look at their goals, tactics, and professional processes in a new way that has helped them flourish and climb their own mountains.

Through real-world business experience, an adventurous spirit, a passion for people, and an undeniable talent for speaking so others listen and take action, Manley offers focused and functional lessons in all of his world-class programs. Whether your company needs to rock your top line sales, upgrade its communication skills, drive more focus and accountability, or adjust the employee mindset on customer service, Manley delivers in an unforgettable way.

While most organizations leverage Manley as an opening or closing keynote speaker, all programs can be customized and delivered as a breakout, or extended workshop event.

Reaching Your Next Summit:
7 Vertical Lessons & 1 Essential Question to
Lead With Impact, Regardless of Your Title

Reaching Your Next Summit is Manley’s signature keynote, focused on personal leadership, intentional relationships and peak performance.  Attendees will walk away with a renewed sense of focus, commitment and momentum to realize the next level in their life and business.

Program Overview

Professionals often struggle to deliver more value under tightening business constraints and rising expectations. Add the complications of regulations, engaging a multi-generational work force, constantly evolving technology, economic pressure, plus the chaos of day to day life; and you have a serious challenge.

After facing the same frustrations from the front lines to the executive level for more than 20 years; I believe the answer is in equipping individuals at all levels to think, act and influence as leaders in their environment. Manley’s Reaching Your Next Summit Keynote will help equip you to lead on the edge, and realize more in your life and work every day.


  • Gain 7 leadership strategies that will empower every attendee to stretch their comfort zones and Lead Beyond Their Position.
  • Discover the one area you must micro-manage to gain Clarity in the Chaos, Drive Focus and Build Momentum
  • Drive innovation by encouraging individuals to step up, support others, and say what they see
  • Identify 3 Critical characteristics you need to look for, develop and demand from yourself and every team member to achieve breakthrough results
  • Engage, Equip, and Inspire attendees with multiple ideas they can use immediately to develop stronger relationships and increase their influence across vertical and horizontal boundaries

Attendees will gain tools they can use immediately to develop a leadership mindset that engages, equips and inspires both them and their team members to step up and lead regardless of their title. Expect team members to build relationships and serve beyond vertical and horizontal boundaries in their environment. Collaboration is just the beginning. With more accountability and increased commitment in the 80%, you will see results you can measure.

Chaos and Momentum:
How to Gain Clarity, and
Get What’s Important Done Every Day

Program Overview

Do you know what you need to achieve, but get sidetracked by the inevitable storms of life? Staying focused on our goals, making consistent progress, and achieving our vision is a critical professional challenge that we all face.

In this program, Manley will outline a powerful framework that you can execute every day to get immediate results. You can learn how to gain laser focus, no matter what task you’re facing, and utilize your momentum in an effective way. Shut out the white noise of the world and keep moving forward!


  • Discover the one area that you must micro-manage if you want to achieve big-time breakthroughs
  • Develop a daily process to keep you focused and moving forward towards your key initiatives
  • Pick up techniques to break through the everyday resistance and get things done
  • Learn how to save at least 17 minutes a day sifting through your Inbox
  • Cultivate 5 Strategies to Sustain Momentum in every aspect of your life

Not only will you benefit as a leader from the actionable ideas and unique perspectives presented in this program, but your team will also be able to leverage these strategies to boost the value of your organization every day.

Are you building Momentum with every move you make or are you stuck in the storm of chaos, confusion, and miscommunication? Setting goals is the easy part. The real question is: are you and your teams achieving those goals in a satisfying way? Break free from the daily doubts, uncertainties, and mediocrity. There is no better time than now to execute your world-class vision!

In this program, you will gain insights into building a powerful framework to create and maintain momentum. Learn how to move from vision to velocity, stay focused, and get the results you have always wanted.

7 Strategies for Building a
Legendary Customer Service Brand

Program Overview

What are your customers actually buying? It’s probably not what you think! Do you feel like you’re constantly fighting a losing battle to keep everyone happy? Or do you have raving fans that spread positive energy and promote the value of your organization every day?

When Build-a-Bear Workshop turned a radical retail concept into a revolutionary worldwide brand, founder Maxine Clark’s customer service vision inspired a service experience culture that redefined the customer experience. Companies around the world took a fresh look at what they could do to optimize their customer service approach and a handful of essential techniques came out on top.

In this cutting-edge program, you will gain 7 strategies to develop your own legendary customer service brand and revolutionize your customer service results.


  • Gain the essential components behind world-class service that most organizations lack.
  • Say NO to customer negativity by gaining specific, actionable strategies to deal with 7 difficult personality types and transform them into your most outspoken fans!
  • Learn to leverage Relationship Strategies to build deeper customer connections and improve communication.
  • Discover techniques to turn disasters into victories and define your service legacy.

These techniques will elevate the confidence and consistency of employees in all of their interactions with internal and customers, which will make providing top-notch customer service second nature.

Do you feel like you are always chasing happy customers? Do you have high-quality supporters that vocalize your value throughout your organization every day? Most importantly, are you ready to build your service brand legacy?

Accessing and utilizing the 7 strategies provided in this program will help you develop the reputation as a premiere service brand and will elevate your customer service results to new heights. Master the art of converting cranky customers into lifelong fans and learn how to highlight the value that your team brings to your organization every day!

Influence and Lead Your Team to the Next Level with World Class Communication Skills

Program Overview

When organizations are asked how their individual teams could improve their overall impact on the business, a top response is almost always communication.

Exceptional business professionals understand the fundamental importance of communication skills; however, most professionals do not have an effective developmental path or the available resources to ensure that they and their teams are consistently improving their communication skills. If you can’t connect with one another or with the business as a whole, how can you possibly hope to communicate effectively with clients and customers?

Communication skills are the secret weapon of successful professionals, but it doesn’t have to remain a secret anymore. Arm yourself with a major advantage that will separate your team from the pack, ensure that you connect with your organization, and help you exceed expectations by constantly delivering high-quality results.


  • Avoid common communication mistakes and drive higher customer service metrics.
  • Motivate your teams to strive for excellence every day. Connect with each individual at a much deeper level through the use of 4 key strategies.
  • Learn how to transform your customers from aggravated irritants to loyal advocates by customizing your communication with each personality type in the most effective way
  • Learn the 7 Sins and 7 Secrets that should be known before creating powerful PowerPoint presentations.
  • Build key business alliances and develop advocates in unlikely places.
  • Get alignment on key initiatives so the focus is unified and the goal orientation is clear for everyone involved.
  • Learn how to connect with and influence your customers. Maximize your communication skills in every situation, whether you are in the boardroom or the lunchroom. In this laser-focused program, you will learn how to influence, lead, and inform others in order to drive innovation and uncover the hidden value that your teams bring to your organization every day.
  • Develop more effective communication skills with Relationship Strategy assessments and training for all of your Customer Support Service team members. With these new techniques in hand, they will be able to strengthen their relationships with customers and fellow team members by using these creative, effective strategies immediately!

Team members will learn how to:

  • exceed customer expectations by increasing rapport
  • quickly recognize and communicate effectively with each personality style
  • increase collaboration between team member

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