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5 Responses to One word to gain incredible focus and make this year your best ever!

  1. Thank you for your Vertical Lesson Video! My word for this year is “Appreciation.” I appreciate receiving your video and this will remind me this year to focus more on appreciating people around me, appreciating my family, my job, my friends and just appreciating life itself.

    Thank you Manley!

    • Hi Sarah! That is a great word of the year! Love it! Appreciation and gratitude have become a big part of my daily routines for the last 3 years. Have you heard of the 5 Minute Journal or the Best Self Journals? Both incorporate gratitude into the daily ritual and reflection. I’ve used the written and app version of the 5 Minute Journal, and I am currently getting tremendous results with the Best Self journal.

      The Five Minute Journal:
      The Best Self Journal:

  2. Manley, thank you for this video! I’ve enjoyed your in person presentations in Washington DC and Maryland. Appreciate this video and will share at work. We are in a new beginning as we embark on a new program for our team. Thank you again!

  3. I need two words: persistent and present. I need each one to reinforce the other. And both are necessary for And I do the 5 Minute Journal Process morning and night. I do the usual journaling, too, but the 5-Minute process helps me to consistently prepare for the day and also to reflect on the day. And thank you for recommending Michael A. Singer. I’ll need to get “belayed” for reading! 😉

    • Persistent and Present – love it Genie! Those are GREAT words to focus on!
      Thanks for your support and kind words, and wishing you Momentum and many summits with your new team endeavor.
      The word of the year for a team can be very helpful too. Thanks for sharing with your colleagues!

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